Propagansey at Whitby Wholefoods is the Whitby stockist of Frangipani Wool.

Frangipani 5-ply Guernsey wool is available at Whitby Wholefoods along with other wools such as Corriedale Ecru @ £20/500g & Falklands 4-ply & DK in a range of colours. Please check Propagansey on Facebook for details of current stock which also includes handmade items such as hats, mitts & cushions.

Gansey for Sale

A Traditional Whitby Pattern. 40″ Chest, 26″ Back. £235


Hand-knitted traditional Gansey

Hand-knitted traditional 100% wool Gansey in Falmouth Navy. 46” chest, SOLD This particular Gansey has been sold but please to get in touch if you’d like to commission one.

Detail of Falmouth Navy Gansey

Gansey in Falmouth Navy.

Gansey in Falmouth Navy.

Hand-knitted traditional Gansey

Traditionally patterned Gansey, hand-knitted in Frangipani 5-ply ‘Ocean Deep’.

Denim shade Gansey

For Sale: A traditional Gansey, hand-knitted in the round in Frangipani ‘Denim’ 5-ply worsted wool. 40″ chest. £195 inc p&p.

Denim detail

A half-pattern with moss, chevrons & full diamonds.

shoulder detail

Shoulder detail; ‘Rig & Fur’ with graft.




‘ Frangipani 5-ply Guernsey Wool have added this beautiful sea grey-green shade to their stable. Named Cordova, it is exclusively available in UK & Europe via Propagansey. £36/500g cone. Please get in touch via the Contact Us button.


Falklands Corriedale/Polwarth 4-ply. £9/100g, 400m/100g. A snip!

Propagansey Wool

Propagansey Wool

Propagansey Wool

Falkland + Alpaca DK 100g 245m £9

Corriedale Ecru 5ply worsted £20 500gm

100g balls of 5-ply

Frangipani 5-ply in a variety of shades; £6/100 or 3 for £15.

Wendy Wool

‘Who remembers Wendy 5-ply worsted Guernsey wool? Here it is – the last remaining stock. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Please get in touch via the Contact Us button.

Details of Falklands 4-ply wool

Falklands 4-ply wool details.

Falklands 4-ply

Yellow, olive green, dark blue & purple

Some of the colours in of Falklands 4-ply; Sulphur yellow, olive green, dark blue & purple.

Falklands 4-ply colours

Falklands 4-ply in Red, Tan, Almost Natural & Duck Egg. £8/100g hank; 400m/100g. 4 hanks will be enough for a jumper, total cost £32 🙂

Frangipani colour card.

Frangipani colour card. NB lemon has been discontinued but Helford Blue is a very fetching addition to the range. These are ready for dyeing, unless you plan to leave them natural, in which case a light wash is all that’s needed. They’re also great for weaving & knitting machines.


Knitted herring by Anita Bruce

Fantastic knitted herring by Anita Bruce, displayed at Propagansey 2016. Here’s the pattern;


Filey pattern Gansey with central row of anchors

Filey pattern Gansey with central row of anchors. A recent commission knitted in Frangipani 5-ply ‘Moonlight’.


Classic Whitby Gansey, Rope & Ladders pattern

A classic Whitby Rope & Ladders pattern Gansey completed just in time for a 30th birthday. I can’t wait to see him in this one, it’s a pleasure to think it’ll be seen out & about in Whitby on the back of a Whitby lad!



This page is work in progress, but if you are in Whitby, do drop in and have a look at our stock of patterns, needles, wool etc.

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