Commissions – Ganseys knitted to order

FNDs : – Frequently Needed Details

Inquiries are always welcome. If you can answer a few initial questions as indicated below this would be very helpful; thanks.


Chest; Length of back; Underarm to bottom of welt; Underarm to cuff.


What Colour would you like your Gansey? Please have a look at the colour chart on the Shopping page.

Would you like us to include your Initials? These usually appear to one side above the welt.

If you’re going with the 3-button neck you’re welcome to further personalise your Gansey by providing your own buttons – perhaps you have some in granny’s button box? Small, white, shirt buttons were frequently used but variety is the spice of life.

You might find these photos handy when it comes to taking accurate measurements;

Chest measurement

Chest measurement can be as snug or relaxed as you like; if the Gansey is heavily patterned you might like to add a couple of inches on for ease.

Length of back

Length of back. How long do you want your Gansey to be? It’s entirely up to you. Start at the base of your neck & end wherever you like. Generally speaking this is usually around your trouser pockets or the point of your hips.

Underarm to welt measurement

From the underarm to the bottom of the welt.

Underarm to cuff measurement

Underarm to cuff measurement.

3-button neck

The traditional & versatile 3-button neck style.

Funnel neck

A funnel neck is not sewn down, as a crew neck is.

Crew neck

The crew neck; a popular style found on many jumpers.


Gansey - FND

  • Measurements & style

    These may be taken from a favourite, fairly close-fitting jumper.
  • ie from base of neck to welt
  • Dark Navy or Navy are the more traditional colours but have a look at the options available on the shade card in the Shop section
  • Rope & Ladders is a classic best-seller but it's always fun to discuss requirements for a bespoke pattern.
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An individual design featuring anchors, based on Filey pattern.

An individual design featuring anchors, based on Filey pattern. This was knitted in Frangipani Moonlight.

Buttons supplied by customer

Buttons supplied by customer. Who hasn’t got Grandma’s button box? It’s a nice idea to personalise a Gansey by using 2 or 3 special buttons in this way, & they can certainly add to the overall look. Lower necks, such as crew or ‘rib & roll’ are popular nowadays but a high neck keeps out the draughts & this traditional Scottish 3-button neck provides for a close-fitting neck that won’t go saggy with use, but that won’t rip your ears off either.

Rope Ladders & Flags - classic Whitby motifs

Classic Whitby combination of Rope, Ladders & Flags. This was knitted in Frangipani Falmouth Navy, which is a dark blue with a hint of green – especially popular with the Silver Foxes amongst us.

Classic Whitby Gansey, Rope & Ladders pattern

A classic Whitby Rope & Ladders pattern Gansey completed just in time for a 30th birthday. I can’t wait to see him in this one, it’s a pleasure to think it’ll be seen out & about in Whitby on the back of a Whitby lad!

Duke family pattern, ropes & diamonds

Duke family pattern. I didn’t used to like this pattern but over the years it’s grown on me & now I like its clarity & boldness. This particular Gansey has found a home in Michigan where it will not only be proudly worn but will serve as inspiration & a constant reference point for when its owner knits his very own Gansey .. ! It’s knitted in Frangipani Dark Navy. (And no I don’t know why it’s come out on its side. But it might promote extra interest so I’ll leave it.)