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Propagansey 2023

Propagansey 2021 poster

Every year this modest but realistic event gathers Ganseys old & new from around the coastline of England & Scotland & presents them in a uniquely inspiring, hands-on display.

There’s a lot of social history here; womens’ working lives were phenomenally arduous. They were frequently illiterate & didn’t have time to panic. Instead they committed motifs to memory & adapted them to fit. 

Propagansey 2023

There’s a dearth of patterns & interpretation boards; instead, visitors are encouraged to take the time to have a proper look at the collection & see how patterns evolved & adapted to suit the whims of the knitter & the size of each wearer. 

Working without a pattern sounds daunting at first but it’s a worthwhile challenge – & getting in touch with your inner ‘Nous’ can be very liberating!

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